Photography Keeps Memories Alive Forever

Every picture tells a story and every corner has cultures and secrets behind it.

I am Sami Al-Hinai, a photographer from the Sultanate of Oman, from the state of Nizwa

Through the lens, I convey some details of the life and culture of the Omani people and Oman, with its history and present, with its features and landmarks, with its mountains and seas, with its customs and traditions, with its markets and people, with its nature and monuments. The nature of this precious land inspires me with its diversity and unique beauty

National Geographic

12 pictures of my work on the Jabal Akhdar roses and the manufacture of pure rose water were published in the Arabic National Geographic magazine in the March 2020 issue.
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Al Jazeera Contribution

A video clip of my work was published on Al-Jazeera news channel from my photography of the Eid tandoor grill in the Khorasin region in the state of Nizwa. It explained the different stages the classic dish undergoes before it reaches the table

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